Quién es quién en Mentiras Peligrosas, película en Netflix

Camila Mendes (Katie Franklin) encabeza el reparto

personajes mentiras peligrosas película

Los personajes de Mentiras Peligrosas Dangerous Lies, película en Netflix, son los protagonistas de la historia sobre Katie Franklin, quien después de perder su trabajo de mesera, toma un trabajo como cuidadora de un anciano rico en su extensa y vacía finca de Chicago, pero… ¿Quiénes son todos los actores y actrices? Conoce el reparto completo.

Los dos crean apego, pero cuando él fallece inesperadamente y nombra a Katie como su única heredera, ella y su esposo Adam se ven envueltos en una compleja red de mentiras, engaños y asesinatos. Si quiere sobrevivir, Katie tendrá que cuestionar a todos, incluso a las personas que ama.

Reparto principal

Katie Franklin
Camila Mendes

Adam Kettner
Jessie T. Usher

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Julia Byron-Kim
Jamie Chung

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Mickey Hayden
Cam Gigandet

Detective Chesler
Sasha Alexander

Elliott Gould

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Elliott Gould couldn’t be himself with Barbra Streisand April 20, 2020 Elliott Gould ended his first marriage because he couldn’t ”be [himself]” while married to Barbra Streisand. The ‘M*A*S*H*’ actor divorced the ‘Funny Girl’ star – the mother of his son Jason – in 1971, two years after they separated, and he admitted he needed to break from from their relationship in order to feel less restricted. He said: ”I couldn’t play the part. I had to be able to find myself, to be able to be myself. I couldn’t let myself live in a mould.” The former couple are still friends and Barbra often calls her ex-husband to ask about his memories of their time together as she’s writing her autobiography. Elliott said: ”And I don’t spin. It’s so precious to me, that it has to be absolutely right.” Following his nine-year marriage to Barbra, the 81-year-old actor went on to marry Jennifer Bogart – with whom he has Molly and Samuel – and though they have divorced twice and no longer live together, he’ll always regard her as his wife. He told the Guardian newspaper: ”Jenny married me three times. [I] will be married to Jenny for ever – until she can do better.” The former ‘Friends’ actor has been a compulsive gambler at times over the years but when spending time in casinos while shooting ‘Ocean’s Eleven’, he realised he’d put the habit behind him. He explained: ”As much as I love to win, I hate losing more, and there’s nothing I need that I can win.” And while Elliott has used marijuana in the past, he doesn’t smoke it any more. He said: ”Of course I smoked marijuana. I don’t do that now, because I’m centred and balanced and I don’t want to alter that.” But he did admit to having experimented with ”mind-expanding drugs” such as mescaline, psilocybin and acid. He said: ”I had some experience with that and did some work behind it.”

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Actores y personajes secundarios de Mentiras Peligrosas, la película

  • Charlie
    Nick Purcha
  • Dwignt
    Joe Costa
  • Chica de la fiesta
    Briana Skyle
  • Ray Gaskin
    Sean Owen Roberts
  • Reggie Farrow
    Trevor Lender
  • George Calvern
    Michael P. Northey
  • Agente del banco
    Emma Peterson
  • Sargenta
    Stefania Indelicato
  • Detective
    Garfield Wilson
  • Periodista
    France Perras

El contenido sobre los actores y personajes en Mentiras Peligrosas, película en Netflix, puede aumentar. Guarda el link.

Apuntes sobre la película

  • El director de Mentiras Peligrosas o Dangerous Lies (2020) es Michael M. Scott
  • El guion es David Golden
  • Productores: Stephanie Slack, Margret H. Huddleston
  • Fue estrenada en exclusiva por Netflix el 30 de abril de 2020
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